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I love expanding how I see.

When I was younger, I tried opening up my world through a lot of random jobs that included being a playwright about War Vets, chambermaid in France, and product placer in the early days of viral advertising (yikes!).

Once I committed to actually doing photography professionally instead of just wishing to, I began getting jobs I loved, and Documentographer was born. Some highlights so far have been working as a travel photographer in Cuba, shooting creative cover portraits of celebrities like Clare Danes, Sarah Slean and many more for Eye Weekly, creating stills for the first integrated prom in the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, and covering intimate moments of peoples' lives, through events like their weddings, all over the world.

Really, though, for me it's just about photographing people, capturing their essence. Connecting, understanding and sharing -- Any and everywhere I can.

As I continue through that exploration, welcome to my blog!